Use Geothermal Heat To Save Money On Your Household Heating

Use Geothermal Heat To Save Money On Your Household Heating

We are all looking for the cheapest electricity and natural gas prices, after all the less we spend on our fuel bills the more we have left over for the pleasures in life. So how attractive would it be to heat your home for free? It is possible by using geothermal energy.

The Queen of England is planning to cut energy bills at Buckingham Palace for centuries to come by creating an underground network to extract heat from the earths natural warmth. The pipes containing water and a refrigerant chemical will run from the palace to the 4 acre lake in the grounds. As the water runs through the coiled loops of pipe placed on the bed of the lake it is warmed to a temperature of around 55F/12C. When the water arrives back at the palace it will go through a compressor which raises the temperature to around 140F/60C, and then through a heat exchanger (metal plates) which warms the water used in taps and the heating system in the palace. There is of course considerable capital expenditure required to get the system up and running, but it is estimated that this will be recouped in 3 years by savings on the heating bills.

The liquid in the pipes can also be decompressed so that instead of generating heat, it can cool air for an air-conditioning system. This system was used in a small trial at the palace in 2002 when the Queens staff drilled 400 feet into the chalk aquifer under the palace grounds to run an air-conditioning system in a new art gallery. The results of this trial were reportedly so impressive that work on planning the larger scheme began soon after.

Other high net-worth people like the singer Elton John with large estates in the UK have installed a similar system. But can the ordinary householder tap into geothermal energy and save money on heating and electricity bills? Yes, for the price of a small car it is possible to drill hundreds of feet into the ground and you can not only reduce heating and electricity costs by around 70% but you can also benefit from a free supply of pure water.

How To Save Money On Health Insurance Premiums

How To Save Money On Health Insurance Premiums

Living a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in helping US residents get discounted rates for their health insurance. In addition to living healthy, being members of large associations can help to lower your rate. Here are a few cost saving tips:

1. Watch your weight: Don’t be surprised if your rates are higher because of your weight. Health insurance companies like to insure healthy people. Part of being healthy is maintaining proper weight. If your’e slightly overweight, your rate may be slightly higher, however, if you are morbidly obese, insurance companies might not insure you.

2. Tobacco: Smokers (including tobacco chewers) are at higher risk for smoking related illnesses and thus not looked upon favorably by health insurance companies. Smokers can look to pay a higher rate than non-smokers.

3. Stage of Life: Younger policyholders can look to pay a lower rate than their older counterpart. As people age, the likelihood of illness and age related diseases increase.

4. Ask for Discounts: If you are a member of a large association like AARP, or part of a Teachers Association, you may earn a few discounts. When soliciting insurance, make sure to ask for discounts. Lets face you wont know unless you ask.

5. Join and attend a gym: Several health insurance companies will not only provide a better rate for policyholders who exercise regularly, some offer to pay one month of gym membership costs if you can provide proof of consistent attendance. The healthier you are, the lower the chances of submitting a claim.

6. History: If your health history is uneventful, your rate will be lower than if you’ve been diagnosed with a debilitating illness and are frequently admitted to the hospital.

Purchasing health insurance is not tricky. The underwriting is basic common sense. If you take good care of yourself and are in good health, you will be rewarded with lower rates.

Whether you are in optimal health or not, you should always shop around to several insurance companies before making a decision.

How To Save Money On A Car Loan

How To Save Money On A Car Loan

Cars are expensive, yet almost everyone pays for them with borrowed money. To minimize the cost of ownership, it’s essential to shop for the lowest-priced loan you can get.

Here’s a good car buying rule: Make a down payment of 20 percent or more and finance your vehicle for no longer than four years. You can easily get into trouble when you put little money down and sign on for an auto loan of five years or more. Before you know it, you’re “upside down,” owing more on a car than it’s worth.

When deciding on a loan term, it’s helpful to see what happens to your payments when you stretch them out over a longer period.

Here’s another way to cut your interest cost over the long run: Opt for more-frequent loan payments. Instead of paying once a month, ask the lender if you can pay weekly, every two weeks or twice a month. Financial institutions calculate the interest on the declining balance. Since your principal goes down each month, the interest you pay also goes down. If you make 26 biweekly payments, instead of 12 monthly payments, more of your money goes to paying off the principal. As a result, your interest costs shrink.

Installment loans come in two types, fixed rate and variable rate. You’re better off with a fixed-rate loan when interest rates are rising. Variable-rate loans are best when interest rates are stable or falling.

Buy-back loan is another way to reduce costs. It’s structured like a lease and provides lower monthly payments than a conventional loan. Here is how it works: The bank of financing company establishes the future resale value for your car at the end of the term you choose. Then it deducts that from the amount to be repaid.

Like leases, buy-back loans suit people who want to drive more expensive cars than they can really afford. The “owners” never really own the vehicle. Instead, they refinance every few years.

If you want to get off the revolving debt bandwagon, consider downsizing and driving a less expensive car. That way, you can pay off the loan and still have something to sell at the end of your time of ownership.

How To Save Money On Groceries

How To Save Money On Groceries

Are you tired off paying each time you make a grocery purchase? Then you can easily save a few bucks with the use of discount coupon. Since grocery purchase is the most important area where your spending shall never be fixed you can wisely make use of your money.

An average family spends approximately 10 percent of their total income upon groceries and it a covers main portion of a persons budget. You need to save money with coupons not by clipping but by stacking them. You can find discount coupons in newspapers, magazines, online websites and entertainment coupon book. After a coupon is issued by the manufacturer, you can avail some additional discount along with coupon discount when there is a sale of the product. This is known as stacking coupons whereby you get some additional rebate with the regular coupon.

Save your money on grocery purchase

How to make the most of your coupons? 
You can take the most when you make a grocery purchase with a discount coupon just by acting a little different from the other people:

1. Keep hold of the coupons till the product you want to purchase goes on for a sale.

2. Try to get coupons from places such as online websites, auctions, in store coupons or directly from the manufacturer. Entertainment Coupon Book 2006 is also a great way to get these discount coupons easily.

3. You should check your local grocery store details that match with your coupons sale items.

4. Shop on a day when your grocery store offer some double or triple coupon day.

This way you can save more money than shopping at discount super stores. Even if you dont want to shop for sale items for which you hold coupons you can shop for items you want each week which would be much less expensive. Also remember to paper clip all your coupons and keep them safely until your purchase is over.

10 Tips To Save Money On Car Insurance

10 Tips To Save Money On Car Insurance

If you’re fed up paying too much for your car insurance, we have put together the top ten ways you can reduce your premium without reducing the level of coverage:

1.Buy online
Buying online can save you time and money. Companies who spend millions of pounds on advertising or run large call centers have to cover these costs somewhere, and they do so by adding these costs onto the price of your insurance premium. Although online insurers do have overheads, they are much less than high street and telephone insurers, which means they can offer car insurance at up to 60% cheaper than other companies.

2.Drive a cheap and less powerful car
Car insurance companies calculate their premiums on the basis of the car engine size, the probability that it will get stolen and the cost of repairing it. Although smaller cars such as Ford Fiestas and Renault 5s are more prone to being stolen than larger saloon cars, they are cheaper to repair or replace and are therefore cheaper to insure.

3.Build up a no claims history
Car insurance companies give discounts for safe drivers with a good no claims record. By building up your no claims history you can benefit from a reduction (up to 60%) off your premium, and this discount can be transferred from company to company.

4.Increase your car security
More security means lower risk for your insurance company and you can benefit from cheaper rates by locking your car in a garage a night, or installing an insurance company approved immobilizer or tracker.

5.Increase your voluntary excess
By deciding to pay a higher excess it also means you’re less likely to make a small claim on your insurance and are therefore considered a lower risk.

6.Obtain more driving qualifications
The Pass Plus qualification costs between 100-150 and involves taking lessons in different driving conditions such as at night and on the motorway. By becoming a more skilled and experienced driver most insurance companies reward their customers by reducing their premium. As a result, the qualification usually pays for itself within the first year of qualifying. Another option is the advanced driving test, but this can take much more time to pass than the Pass Plus.

7.Use your car less
Clearly, the more you use your car the higher the probability is that youll be involved in an accident. As a result people who travel hundreds of miles every week are likely to have a higher car insurance premium.

8.Don’t get on the wrong side of the law
Insurance companies don’t like motoring convictions as they mean a driver is seen as a higher risk. Certain motoring convictions are considered worse than others, for example drink driving offences mean that your premium will be double the usual rate.

9.Reduce the number of people under your policy
The more people on your insurance the more you’ll have to pay. So, if possible try to have as few drivers on your policy as feasible.

10.Live in the countryside
As a general rule, the further you live away from a city the cheaper your car insurance is likely to be. By living in the city your car is more likely to be stolen or be involved in car accident. You can save up to 50% on your car insurance by moving from the city to a rural location.