Worried about soaring monthly cable bills? We have the answer.

Cut the cord. Yes, you heard it right. Cutting the cord can actually save your money.

Cable and satellite bills keep piling up monthly and you might be worried about the high prices that you have to pay for the service. Its 21st century and technology has advanced with unlimited streaming services. There are many alternatives that you can try if you are tired of this cable thing.

We have made a cord guide for you that can help you decide if it is a good decision to cut a cord and show you other alternative ways to watch your favorite shows on TV.

If cutting the cord is a right decision?

We know you really want to make sure if you can actually save money by cutting the cord and if it is really a right decision for you. Do not worry. Everyone has the right to do a proper research first. Before deciding to cut your cable cord, figure out how much you are paying the monthly bill. You can do a little math by checking monthly statement. The total of your bill will give you some to understanding of the figure to compare with other costs of alternatives that we will tell you. The goal is to make sure that you save your money.

Cable companies have started the business to cut the cable cord and offer you many other options for a suitable cost. Cord cutting means there are no contracts or any fees. You can also cancel the services at any time by just a simple button. Now how simple is that!

Recently a data was published that the average cable customer pays more than $90 a month. This is a huge amount for watching cable. Compare this cost with other streaming services and you will notice the big difference.

What are the other options?

After cutting the cord, you can go with having an antenna or switch to streaming services. If you are going to depend on streaming services, just make sure that your internet speed can handle the streaming. If you want to watch live TV, install an antenna. This is the cheapest way as you just need to purchase a good antenna and hook it up. Remember that only available channels in your local area will be there on your TV. Even if you have live TV, you are not bound to watch TV shows live. It’s your choice. There are methods to record your favorite shows and watch them later.

Talking about streaming services, there are unlimited options. HULU comes with a live TV and costs $45 a month. You can watch shows from every category and for the people of every age.

Sling TV provides its service with three different packages. These packages range from $25-$40 with many premium channels and international stations. DirecTV Now is also an online streaming service. It comes with no contracts and it charges $50-$70 depending on the package you pick.

YouTube TV is also a good option as it provides live streaming from dozens of networks. You can also consider PLAYSTATION VUE, PHILO, FUBO TV. You can also watch Network TV and Premium channels without a cable plan. You can also stream TV shows for free on Crackle, Tubi, VUDU and Pluto TV. There is no need to wait for your favorite shows as they are available readily on these services.

Netflix is the most popular streaming service right now in this advanced era. You have the option to choose from three plans that cost from $9-$16 with different options for HD content. Netflix also gives its customers facility of 1 month free trial.

Amazon Prime includes streaming access to TV shows and movies. Prime membership costs $120 a year. You can also pay in monthly installments. Amazon gives you access to thousands of songs in their library, unlimited reading of books and magazines, free unlimited storage of photos and more.

Let’s do a little math over here. The average cable or satellite user spends about $100 a month on their TV bill. It means his total bill of a total year will be $1200. Assuming you are the consumer who pays for both TV and internet; if you switch to a web-based service, it should not be too expensive. The cost of Amazon Prime plan is $99 a year, Netflix charges subscription costs $132 and Hulu has $96 cost. Even if you get all of them, you will still only be paying $327 annually. It will save you total $875. That’s a huge amount if you consider.

Major benefits

We have already given you an idea how you can save money by cutting the cord and moving towards other alternatives. It takes some time thinking about your viewing preferences. Considering all your options can be tricky sometimes. Just look at these three major benefits and the decision is yours to make.

  • The cost savings are significant as we have mentioned earlier.
  • You have a option to get a cloud DVR instead of a physical DVR box. It comes with many live TV subscriptions with no extra charges. It even enables you to tape shows to watch at your convenience.
  • You can easily watch on your phone, laptop or tablet while travelling.

For many, money is the only issue. With the cord cutting technique, you can save a whole lot of money. Apart from this, there are many other reasons. The viewing experience is way better on streaming services than cable TV. The quality is superior and you have a long list to watch. Everything comes through one-box and can be controlled with a single remote. Also, cutting the cord removes the difficulty of using a cable box. You can watch easily your dearest shows literally anywhere. The bottom line is that try to move to other alternatives and make a choice for your own good.